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The human body … Back to the moment when scientists discovered DNA in 1953

The three billion nucleobases that reside inside our body are key to genetic mutation as well as to DNA damage, in turn entailing a range of serious health problems, as well as early death.

When did science fiction become real ?

James Watson
and Francis Crick
discovered DNA.

Leonard Hayflick demonstrate
the Hayflick Limit, a concept
that describes the process
of cellular aging.

Elizabeth Blackburn and Co.
introduced chromosome protection
against degradation by preserving
or increasing human telomeres.

Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier
discovered CRISPR, a method for altering DNA
for genetic disorder treatment, and for
creating ideal genetic traits for humans.

How far
will science fiction go?

Every day, a range of new discoveries in health science are being made, in search of prolonging human longevity and the possibility of a genetic selection which would facilitate passing down ‘good genes’ to next generations.

Durascience has embarked on the journey

from Pure Science to Applied Science

Durascience is passionate about cutting-edge research relevant to the field of youth and longevity, such human lifespan expansion, senescent cell delay, and impeding complications. Indeed, our scientists have been working on how to promote and protect our client’s healthy as we believe that well-being is essential to longevity.

Durascience Mandatory Solution (DMS):

the pursuit of a pleasurable Life

Our motto is: “Efficiency and wellbeing are key to the becoming of supercentenarian”


Our diversely accomplished team members work tirelessly together on number of various captivating projects.
We design plans and run laboratory experiments and incorporate in our practice the most cutting-edge technology.

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