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Designing the Next Era of Humans

The human lifespan in the past

was around 25 years.

Advancements in science and improvements in hygiene and have allowed a prevention of many fatal diseases. These, in turn, have been fundamental in improving scientific knowledge, medicine, and extending life expectancy; indeed, for the first time in history, the last century saw human beings stay alive until the age of one hundred and in rare cases, beyond.

Aside of longevity, humans require well-being during each stage of life.

Tune in with your

4 vital needs:

6 new solutions

to help you unlock your potential

Food, accommodation, clothing and medicine are essential for survival. Understandably, most people spend their lives trying to ensure that these needs will be met; but often, this leads to people content themselves with ‘the bare minimum’, overlooking what other needs they may have which may seem only secondary or superfluous. Their lives become deficit-oriented rather than quality-oriented, at the expense of other elements that also play a key role in maintaining human well-being. One’s physical condition deserves special attention as without health transpiring through one’s body, skin, physical appearance and libido, one’s welfare is likely to wane, even if the basic needs previously mentioned are being met.

Durascience has spent the last years contributing to cutting-edge research on the cellular system, driven by a passion to develop solutions to help people boost their physical and mental capacities. These solutions work towards optimizing six key bodily attributes (immune system, overall health, the epidermis, physique and sexual desire) and enabling people to live more fulfilling, wholesome lives.



Designing a human for the future

What is needed in science for the development
of a human being endowed ideal DNA characteristics
is not computer technology, but rather, further
cutting-edge research in the field of biology.

Durascience™ s research certifications guarantee that the potential of the future human will be maximized to its fullest extent. Every day, our scientific team strives to render genetic heredity obsolete, to widen the genetic spectrum of the possible for the future human in the search of longevity.

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